Why I Love Labels

So in the last post I mentioned that some people use queer to indicate they are not heterosexual without having to worry about labels. I also mentioned that while I respect that idea I myself prefer the labels, so I thought that the next topic we would have is an explanation on why I love labels with all of my heart and soul.

First a quick bit of background to help you understand, and a quick explanation of one label that fits me. I grew up in a smaller town way back when gay marriage wasn’t legal nationwide in the united states. Around the time I was in middle school there were about 3 lesbians, 1 homosexual male, and zero other options other than straight and ‘pretended to like girls’ (bisexual wasn’t a very accepted idea). I was also starting to realize that I liked girls and I had always liked boys, so the ‘confusion’ about which I liked plus growing up in a family where lots of things get you sent to hell (including not being straight) caused a confusing time for me. I struggled a lot my eighth grade year and felt like a total freak until I moved to a new city just before high school.  There not only was bisexual a thing but so was transgender and gender queer and pansexual*!

I was no longer a freak. I didn’t stress about which one I liked, I accepted that just like my girlfriend didn’t want to be a boy or a girl I didn’t have to just like boys or girls. But even though I stopped caring about what I liked I still had that feeling that I wanted a word. I knew my new friends would accept me in this new area (even if lots of others didn’t) but I still wanted to know what I was. I discovered pansexual then, meaning you could like men or women or anyone else. It was all dependent on the person and not their gender identity.

I like labels because it shows there are people that fit into that exact category like me. It isn’t Sparklestheninja-sexual so clearly there are people like me who fit into the same description. While I respect people who want the label ‘human’ or ‘queer’ to avoid division, I want specifics because it reminds me I’m not alone in what I am, there’s this whole word so there are plenty like me.

I like labels because I like acknowledging our differences. Just like I like to learn about different religions and mythology, I like to hear what makes us all different. It’s amazing how we can all e slightly different in what we believe, what we like, each telling of a story a little different through another’s eyes. Really I know I probably sound a little cheesy there, but it’s fun to read about to me. I like labels because it helps us learn about each other, it helped me accept who I was. I think it’s easier to stand together when we acknowledge, learn about, and celebrate our differences, and that’s why I love terms. Naturally I respect other views, but this is just a quick 500-ish explanation on my view.

*If you don’t know those terms I do plan on doing a homo-cabulary so you can google them now or read that one later.


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