Building Your Homo-cabulary

For today’s (second) post I wanted to make up a quick list of terms you should study for our homo-cabulary test. Just a few quick words in the order they come to my mind defined for you. Hopefully this well help someone understand their own LGBT+ self or someone they know. Note: All or most of these terms can be present with one or more other terms. Ex. A man can be homosexual (only sexually attracted to other men) and bi-romantic (romantically attracted to two gender identities) crossing to something like romantically attracted to men and MTF’s but only sexually attracted to cisgendered men. Also, some terms (like biromantic/bisexual) are paired together for their similar definitions, however just because someone identifies as one doesn’t mean they are also the other.

Homosexual- Usually used for a man who is only sexually interested in other men, although can also be used for a woman only sexually interested in women

Lesbian- A term exclusively for women who are sexually attracted to only women

Gender Identity- What gender someone identifies as. This can be male, female, agender, gender queer and more

Cisgendered- Someone who identifies as their biological gender

Bisexual/Biromantic- Someone who is sexually/romantically attracted to two gender identities

Pansexual/Panromantic- Someone who is sexually/romantically attracted to all gender identities

MTF/FTM- Male To Female/ Female To Male, not everyone who identifies this way has completed the transformation to the other gender but it is a way to state what gender they identify as and their biological gender

Agender- Someone who does not identify as any gender. There is a wonderful explanation here by someone who identifies that way

Gender Queer- Someone who feels more masculine one day, more feminine another. Not identifying as male or female but may request male or female pronouns

Pronouns- He, She, They, Ze, Zer, Etc. The way someone is referred to. Some may want to be referred to with gender neutral pronouns (they, zer) so it is important to ask

DMAB/DFAB- Designated Male At Birth/ Designated Female At Birth. Not very widely used but a way of giving birth gender, especially used when one doesn’t have a gender term they agree with yet but know they are not cisgendered.

DemiSexual/DemiRomantic- Someone who can not feel sexual/ romantic attraction to another without a strong emotional bond

Asexual- Feeling no sexual attraction to anyone or anything. Some Asexuals (or “Aces”) enjoy the feeling of sexual pleasure but don’t like thinking about the act, some would do it to please a partner but couldn’t enjoy the act or feeling of it, and some couldn’t enjoy the feeling and are to grossed out by the act to even want to do it for a partners

Aromantic- Unable to feel romantic attraction to anyone

Grey A- Falling near Asexuality but not fully asexual. Can mean feeling sexual attraction but rarely, experiencing sexual attraction but with a low sex drive, people who desire sex and feel the attraction but not strongly enough to act on it, and more

Gray romantic- Falling somewhere between romantic and Aromantic. Some examples could be experiencing romantic attraction but rarely, and desiring relationships that aren’t quite platonic or romantic.

That’s all I can think of for now. If I missed any feel free to comment and I can include them in another addition. Also if there is anyone who feels confused or needs to talk, my kik is sparkestheninja. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment about a topic you would like me to cover or if you just want to talk, although if you would like to remain anonymous kik is best.

-Your Queer Peer


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