Religion and Non-Heterosexuality

“How do I still be Religious and also be something other than straight?”

Something a lot of people struggle with is questioning their sexuality and have a strong religious opposition to it. Something almost every LGBT+ and religious person has struggled with so a post on it might help someone searching for answers.

First question is above, how to reconcile with a religion you still believe in (not necessarily Christianity but it is most commonly brought up, and what I’m most educated about) but states you can’t be you.

First it is most important to remember, why do you love your god/goddess/gods? Is it because they give you this and that, or more likely because they love you? Your religion teaches your god (lower case but substitute your own holy deity here) loves you, watches over you, and wants the best for you. Remember this as you question and determine your own sexuality. Your belief is your god wants the best for you, probably even created you as they want you to be. Why would they create homosexuals then if they did not want them to exist?

Many churches support homosexuality anymore. You could read up and try to find one in your area and here them say it if you still can’t believe it. Your god loves their people, and it’s important to remember that doesn’t stop at you wanting to have consensual sex/love with someone else, regardless of gender.

“So my god doesn’t hate me”

Of course not! You don’t follow your deity because they are hateful and seek to destroy. You love them because they are forgiving, kind, and best of all loving. They could never hate you for your preference in genders.

I hope this has been of a bit of help. Remember you could get more specific answers for your specific beliefs from your local Pastor/Father/Imam/Rabbi/What have you. Even if there isn’t a pro-LGBT+ one in your area that doesn’t mean no one in your religion is.

-Your Queer Peer


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